Why She Removed the Veil

Source: The daily Beast.

No piece of cloth throughout history has sparked more controversy as the veil. Many Muslim women are forced to wear it daily. The hijab has a spectrum, of course, from its most radical embodiments, the niqab, which covers the entire face, to loose fitting headscarves.

Saudi Arabia comes come second only to Iran in using the power of the stick (the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice or the religious police) to impose a particular form and color of hejab on all our women. And when I say all our women, I mean all: Saudi and non-Saudi, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.


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2 replies

  1. Hats off to youcr courage to speak the truth. However be watchful it is all Saudi interpretation nothing to do with real Islamic teachings. To me days for such Islamic teachings are already numbered.

  2. Modest and decent dress is prescribed for both men and women. Head covering for women is an additional commandment. This is the only difference in the dress code of men and women. In fiqh and hadith, men should also cover their head. So may be there is no difference at all.
    Dress cannot be without context. Different environment requires different dress. So in the modern day, for a working woman it may be necessary to modify her dress and behavior. Example: A female Muslim doctor will need to have her face uncovered and talk to the male patients to have a meaningful discussion. She will have to examine them. A female surgeon will have to wear a dress which will not be considered good “pardah”.
    There is great permission in religion. As there is flexibility in salat and fasting, similarly there is flexibility in “pardah”.

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