Business schools: Swiss Executive MBA programmes rise in rankings

Four Swiss business schools have appeared in the Financial Times’ ranking of 100 executive MBA (EMBA) programmes, with IMD in Lausanne performing best, climbing four places since last year to 15th.

The list, published on Monday, compares programmes for working senior executives and is topped for the first time by Trium – run by HEC Paris, the London School of Economics and Stern School of Business at New York University. The top five places continue to be dominated by international EMBAs.

IMD came second overall in work experience and international students but stumbled slightly on one of the main criteria: salary increase before and after the EMBA.

The University of St Gallen came 51st overall – up from 64 – despite being rated top for entrepreneurship by 2011 graduates. It was brought down by the relatively low average alumnus salary three years after graduation – as was the University of Zurich, which nevertheless came 77th, up 15 places.

Finally, HEC Lausanne came 93rd, dropping six places on 2013. Despite being ranked fourth for percentage of international students, it had the lowest salary increase (18%) on the list.

The rankings featured institutions from 26 countries, including 35 in the United States, ten in Britain and nine in China. and agencies

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