Malaysia: “Islamic conservatism spells bad news for Muslims” says banned Indonesian scholar


He has spoken out against the religious edicts issued by Indonesia’s top Islamic council of clerics, including a prohibition for Muslims to offer Christmas greetings to Christians, and his defence of the rights of Ahmadi Muslims.



KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — Banned from entering Malaysia, controversial Indonesian scholar Dr Ulil Abshar Abdalla said today he was “sad”, but warned that Islamic conservatism trending in his home country was spreading and spelled bad news for Muslims in the region.

The founder of the Indonesian Liberal Islam Network took to Twitter this morning in response to news that he would not be allowed into Malaysia until he was deemed to no longer be a danger to the country’s brand of Islam.

“I am sad that this ban happens in time when Muslim society needs more dialogue to stem radicalism in their midst,” the 47-year-old said in one post on his Twitter account, @ulil.

“As in Indonesia, trend of Islamic conservatism seems to be increasing in Malaysia. And this is not good news for Muslim in Nusantara,” he added in another, using the Malay word for Southeast Asia.

Uli is seen to be a “liberal” Islamic scholar and has been condemned as a heretic by some Indonesian clerics for his progressive views.

A fatwa calling for his death was even issued by an Indonesian Muslim group, Forum Ulama Umat Islam, in… read more at

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  1. I wonder if there is any Muslim society which is allowing freedom of thought or freedom of belief. Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan are some examples of bad laws. The Arab countries and Afghanistan are not far behind.
    Nah samjhogay to mit jaa ogay aye Hindi Musalmano.
    Tumhari daastaan tak bhee nah hogi daastaano main.

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