Day: October 25, 2013

Ten German complaints

Source: The Local: We have returned to our intercultural relations expert to look at the top German complaints about their expat partners. Blogger Oh God, My Wife Is German and The Local this week look at ten common complaints from Germans lucky enough to fall in love with expats. More:

eDigest: Islam Shines In Russian Culture: Putin

    President Vladimir Putin   Islam Shines In Russian Culture: Putin Source: OnIslam BASHKORTOSTAN – Appealing to the Muslim minority, Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Muslims  as ‘vital’ component in the country’s diverse and rich society during his visit to… Russia not interested in tensions between West and […]

Merkel has two phones?

Source: The Local: On the back of revelations that the US has been listening into Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone, the leader said on Friday that she has two phones. The one that the NSA were listening to is not used for really important chats.  More: