Day: October 10, 2013

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany marches Forward!

Source: Hafiz Fareed Khalid, National Secretary Tabligh AMJ Germany By Zubair Khan Almost for a decade now the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany, on a specific date,  invites visitors to its Mosques and Salat centres. The event coincides with the German Unification Day which is celebrated 0n 03rd of October each year. Being public holiday many turn to these Islamic centres and get […]

The danger of forgetting Pakistan

Source: The Hawk via Wasim Sr. The United States government shutdown, possible diplomatic engagement with Iran, and al-Shabaab terror attacks in Africa have dominated the news lately, leading many people to overlook current developments in Pakistan. Over the past two weeks, Pakistan has been plagued by suicide attacks from rebel […]

One dead in blast outside Lahore hotel

The Express Tribune: by Rana Tanveer – LAHORE: A high-intensity blast occurred outside the Sindhi Biryani hotel in old Anarkali, Lahore — also known as ‘food street’ — on Thursday, Express News reported. At least one person died, while eight others were injured in the blast.  DCO Naseem Sadiq confirmed that two of the injured are in critical […]

Tommy Robinson has left the EDL. But this is a change of key, not a change of message He has not denounced the principles that the EDL still stands for

MICHAEL SEGALOV Wednesday 9 October 2013 The announcement yesterday morning that Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll, co-founders of the English Defence League, were to leave the group took many by surprise. By removing himself from the far-right movement, Tommy Robinson is changing his tactics, but – as I learned at […]