Month: May 2013

Birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali (ra) celebrated amid enthusiasm

Source: ALLAHABAD: The birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad, was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm on Friday. People remembered his services to the mankind. ‘Mehfils’ were organized in various localities like Rani Mandi, Dariyabad, Kareli, Ghausnagar, Chowk, Rasoolpur, Atala, Shahganj, Katra, Nakhas Kohna and other areas. Programmes […]

Seminar on Prophet Mohammad (saw)’s teachings held in Kareli, Allahabad

Source: ALLAHABAD: Islamic scholars expressed their views during a seminar on ‘Establishment of social justice in the light of Prophet Mohammad’s teachings’ at a guest house in Kareli. Addressing the gathering, general secretary of National Ulema Council and director of Jamaitul Falah Maulana Mohammad Tahir Madni said that citizens had the right […]

Poles Apart – Debate on Islam

Source: A few decades ago there was a news item in the Hindustan Times (while Khushwant Singh was its editor if I am correct) that the then President of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haq said that ‘there are only two parties in the world, – one of Allah i.e. God and the […]

Fear of a black Europe

Global Post: Paul Ames. BRUSSELS, Belgium — The appointment of Italy’s first black cabinet minister was a cause for celebration for anti-racism campaigners in Europe. Their joy was cut short by reactions to Congo-born Cecile Kyenge taking office. “This is a bonga bonga government,” said Mario Borghezio, a member of […]

Popularity ranking

Source: ET Pakistan will need to look very seriously at its image in the world and determine what can be done to fix it. The way things stand at present are not good for it or its citizens, with the prevailing perceptions about the country affecting investment in it, tourism […]