Month: March 2013

Holi-Festival Of Colors

Source: Huff Post, by Jahnabi Barooah. Holi (also known as Dol Jatra, Basantotsav) is the Hindu festival of colors. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season, on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. In 2013, Holi will be celebrated on March 27. Holi is observed with great fanfare by Hindus […]

Funds for the military

Source: ET For many years now, we have been hearing the valid complaint that nearly one-third of the federal budget is taken up by military spending while vital needs like health and education receive only a minuscule amount of money. Now, we find out that the military is swallowing up […]

Robert Fisk: Lebanon is like a Rolls Royce with square wheels… it has a lot that’s worthy of praise but it doesn’t run so well – If no agreement is reached on a new election law parliament will be crushed

The prime minister has resigned, there’s no government to speak of, there are further street battles in Tripoli, the threat of more kidnappings. Lebanon, as we used to say in the civil war, returns to normal. And in some ways, it’s true. Lebanon is always living through the greatest crisis […]