Month: January 2012

Political Push Moves a Deal on Mortgages Inches Closer one million homeowners facing foreclosure could have their mortgage burden cut by about $20,000 each as part of a long-awaited deal taking shape among state attorneys general, federal officials and the nation’s largest mortgage servicers. But a final agreement remained out of reach Monday despite political pressure from the […]

How to Integrate Europe’s Muslims

Source:  NY Times Op Ed. By JONATHAN LAURENCE, Associate professor, Boston College. TWO weeks ago, dozens of cars were set alight in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand after a 30-year-old truck driver, Wissam El-Yamni, was roughed up and then died while in police custody. The uproar underscored the hostility of […]

Playing with fire

Source: Times of India. To those blessed – or perhaps cursed, given the times we live in – with a long memory, Salman Rushdie’s absence from the Jaipur Literature Festival and the parallel and related Congress courtship of the Muslim vote in Uttar Pradesh are an eerie and discomforting throwback […]

Sheikhs fall in love with renminbi

Source: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar China and Qatar have been taking virtually opposite positions apropos events in Libya and Syria. Yet, they do not seem to be deterred by this little difference and are bonding in a big way in economic cooperation to mutual benefit. Chinese Prime Minister […]

Brutality at the border

Leading Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ has asked India to make an “unreserved apology” to Bangladesh for Border Security Force’s brutal torture of a Bangladeshi man shown in a recent video. Source: Op Ed, The Hindu. New Delhi needs to make an unreserved apology to Bangladesh for the brutal conduct of […]

Europe at war with Iran

Source: Asia Times. By Pepe Escobar No one ever lost money betting on the foolishness of European Union (EU) politicos. And if you are an oil trader, rejoice – all the way to the bank; as expected, EU foreign ministers – meekly following the Barack Obama administration – have given […]

Peres writes song for Ethiopian community

Ynetnews: President puts his concerns in writing in wake of racist acts against Israelis of Ethiopian descent, asks musician Idan Raichel to compose music On the backdrop of recent acts of racism against Israel’s Ethiopian community, President Shimon Peres recently visited the Amit Reshit School in Jerusalem, where children of […]