Day: June 6, 2011

Pakistani refugees released on bail Monday

A group of almost a hundred Pakistani refugees and asylum seekers, including several dozen children and a baby born in detention, will be released on bail Monday. The Thai Committee for Refugees, which helped organise the release, said the 96 people — most of whom were arrested in December — […]

Pakistani refugees freed on bail from Thai jail

BANGKOK – ALMOST 100 Pakistani refugees have been freed from Bangkok’s overcrowded immigration prison in an initiative spearheaded by Thai human rights activists. The Thai Committee for Refugees says the 96 members of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya Muslim sect were freed on bail on Monday in the first such large-scale release of […]

Bethlehem Bible College Celebrates Graduation

Bethlehem – PNN – Bethlehem Bible College held a graduation ceremony to celebrate the students graduating from its biblical studies, tour guide and mass media programs Friday night. Graduates, dignitaries, family and friends attended the ceremony It was the 24th biblical studies, 7th tour guide and 4th mass media class to […]