Day: May 21, 2011

Fundamentalist isms

I am going to vote yes and I am entirely comfortable with my choice because we are not voting on whether the Catholic Church’s take on divorce is correct or not or on whether divorce is a morally acceptable choice or not but simply about whether civil society should have […]

The secularisation of Malta

The emergence of secularism is often attributed to the Age of Enlightenment when, in the 18th century, major advances in philosophy, intellect, science and culture led to major changes in one’s reasoning. This resulted in a gradual consistent separation between state rule and Church teachings. I still remember in my […]

Iraqis returning home from Syria

By REBECCA SANTANA | AP BAGHDAD: It’s easy to identify the Iraqis fleeing the violent uprising in Syria as they arrive by bus in Baghdad. They’re the ones carrying a sad array of worldly possessions: blankets and mattresses tied with cord; TVs and curtain rods; boxes once filled with food […]

Let actions speak…

So what’s it going to be: Israeli chutzpah or Barack Obama’s audacity of hope? Predictably, Israel’s Netanyahu has lost no time in trashing President Barack Obama’s call for a “viable Palestine” along the 1967 borders. The Israeli PM has virtually rubbed Obama’s nose in, dismissing the borders that existed between […]