UN General Assembly

World leaders are sidelining an extremely important issue at the UN General Assembly, and it affects the lives of millions

https://players.brightcove.net/624246174001/BJXA5Px6f_default/index.html?videoId=5838203230001&customParams=videoID%3A5838203230001%3BarticleId%3A8552281%3Bgs_channels%3ANONE%3Bplayertype%3Aautoplay%3Btopictags%3Aungeneral_assembly%2Cinternallydisplaced_people%2Ctyphoonmangkhut&customTargeting=%2F71347885%2F_main_independent%2Fin_voices%2Fin_voices_article&playsinline=true In 2005, my stepfather in Zambia, David Busiku Mainza contributed to a pamphlet on the Tonga people, some 57,000 of whom were resettled in 1957 and 1958 from the Zambezi […]

Sad legacy

Sep 24,2016 -JORDAN TIMES – EDITORIAL US President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, having reached close to the end of his last term in the White House. Obama seemed to blame everybody for the growing malaise in world and regional affairs except himself, as […]

UN vote recognises state of Palestine

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations voted overwhelmingly Thursday to recognize a Palestinian state, a long-sought victory for the Palestinians but an embarrassing diplomatic defeat for the United States. The resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status to a non-member observer state at the United Nations was approved by a more than […]