Syria’s Sunni vs. Shia Myth

by Khaled Diab, Journalist A recent poll on Al Jazeera Arabic’s website asked who was responsible for turning the Syrian revolution into a sectarian conflict: the Sunnis or the Shi’a? Around 95% of those who voted blamed the deterioration on the Shi’a. Although this result is shocking in its own […]

Iraq’s Shiite-Sunni Divide Growing

Source: Huffington Post Author: Hamza Hendawi BAGHDAD — Now that U.S. forces are gone, Iraq’s ruling Shiites are moving quickly to keep the two Muslim sects separate – and unequal. Sunnis are locked out of key jobs at universities and in government, their leaders banned from Cabinet meetings or even […]

Exit Americans, enter sectarian strife

Credit: Asia Times: Following the withdrawal of United States troops from Iraq three moths ago, sectarian clashes between Shi’ite and Sunni groups have steadily increased. It’s the perfect environment for al-Qaeda to turn the region into the massive insurgent stronghold it used to be, while accusations mount that Iran is […]

Turkey warns against Shiite-Sunni cold war

Reuters | Jan 05,2012 | 23:55 ANKARA — Middle East powerhouse Turkey on Wednesday warned against a sectarian cold war in the region and said rising Sunni-Shiite tensions would be “suicide” for the whole region. “Let me openly say that there are some willing to start a regional Cold War,” […]