Sectarian monster reawakened in Iraq

BY RAMZI BAROUD, ARABNEWS.COM Iraqi Shiite fighters chanted “Labeiki ya Zaynab,” as they swayed, dancing with their rifles before TV news cameras in Baghdad on June 13. They were apparently getting ready for a difficult fight ahead. That chant alone is enough to demonstrate the ugly sectarian nature of the […]


1. What is the definition, attributes and characteristics of a Muslim and a Momin mentioned in the Holy Qur`ān and do they perfectly apply on present day Muslims? 2. What is the definition, attributes and characteristics of non-believers mentioned in the Holy Qur`ān? Do you believe that none of these […]

Is this a joke?

Express Tribune: Ejaz Haider: First we had Lucky Irani Circus; now we have Difa-e Pakistan Council. Except that Lucky Irani Circus was genuine while this DPC, well, you get my drift. Look at the cast of characters. Apparently, there are 40 parties, from the right to the far right, reminding one of […]

What’s your poison?

Courtesy The Sunni Tehrik (ST), a Barelvi Islamist organisation, announced last Sunday that it was converting itself into a political party. To quite a few Pakistanis the ST comes across as being another sectarian outfit triggered by the controversial Islamisation process of the Ziaul Haq dictatorship in the 1980s. It […]

Pakistan: Hydra unity

Courtesy Daily Dawn:  ……….This actually shouldn’t come as a surprise in a country where the state has for long been active in defining what or who a ‘Muslim’ is, and that too in a society brimming with various sects and sub-sects. This has left the sects judging one another, sometimes […]