Pakistani Taliban

Robert Fisk: Peshawar school attack: Massacre of the innocents in Pakistan born of ambivalence towards Taliban. Army and security police have wavered between backing and attacking the group

It was a massacre of the innocents. Every report must admit this – because it’s true. But it is not the whole truth. The historical and all-too-real connections between the Pakistan army, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) security police and the Taliban itself – buoyed by the corruption and self-regard of […]

Sheer idiocy of the statement

Source: ET It was some consolation to see most political leaders condemn it. However, some introspection and perspective is required. Mr Imran Khan recently came up with the remarkable assertion that the “Taliban do not want to enforce Sharia on gunpoint and only want to liberate us from America’s war”. […]

Pakistan Taliban announce month truce

Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid emailed the statement to reporters on Saturday The Pakistani Taliban have announced a month-long ceasefire aimed at reviving stalled peace talks with government. Pakistan’s government welcomed the announcement as a “positive development”, and said it was prepared to resume talks. The talks broke down last month, […]

A farce gone too far

by Zahid Hussain   DAWN.COM Published 2014-02-05  NOW that the Taliban too have nominated their representatives for the negotiations, a state of shambles is unfolding. With both teams more or less standing on the same side of the divide, it is virtually a dialogue within outlawed militant outfits. The government has […]