West Trying to Impose Its Own Brand of Democracy to Libya, Iraq: Pope Francis

Tuesday 17 May 2016 Alwaght- Pope Francis censured “cultural colonialism” of western powers, standing out against their efforts to export western brand of democracy to other countries. Criticizing Western’s ignorance about countrie’s culture in advancing its objectives, Pope Francis in an interview with Roman Catholic newspaper, La Croix said: “we […]

If Syria is to fall, others will follow

Mar 22,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – RAMZY BAROUD The apparent sudden Russian military withdrawal from Syria, starting on March 15, left political commentators puzzled. Few of the analyses offered should be taken seriously. There is little solid information as of why the Russian leader decided to end his country’s military push […]

A new century for the Mideast

Dec 20,2015 – JORDAN TIMES – Jeffrey D. Sachs The United States, the European Union and Western-led institutions such as the World Bank repeatedly ask why the Middle East cannot govern itself. The question is asked honestly, but without much self-awareness. After all, the single most important impediment to good governance […]