How much Europe do Europeans need?

Nov 06,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – JOSCHKA FISCHER In his final address to the European Parliament in 1995, then-French president François Mitterrand, whose failing health was evident to all, found the following indelible words to characterise Europe’s great scourge: “Le nationalisme, c’est la guerre!” Nationalism and war were the defining […]

A War Between Two Worlds

Geopolitical Weekly JANUARY 13, 2015 | 09:00 GMT Print Text Size Stratfor By George Friedman The murders of cartoonists who made fun of Islam and of Jews shopping for their Sabbath meals by Islamists in Paris last week have galvanized the world. A galvanized world is always dangerous. Galvanized people can […]

Unbearable heaviness of being

The Express Tribune: by Ayesha Siddiqa — As the state celebrates its 67th birthday, there is an absence of a natural sense of exaltation. The sense of weariness is not due to incessant roadblocks, temporary fuel shortage and uncertainty about how the government-opposition conflict will unfold. It is also not because people […]

Myanmar needs a new nationalism

Source:Asia Times. By Matthew J Walton Many outside observers have been shocked to see Buddhists in Myanmar leading recent violent actions against Muslims. Our recollections of tens of thousands of Buddhist monks chanting loving-kindness while demonstrating peacefully against the former military government in 2007 clash with recent images of monks […]