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Hygiene of Sleep

Dr. Shah Nawaz Khan The Review of Religions, April 1993 All living things require rest after activity, because activity entails wear and tear of living tissues, and rest means their repair. During sleep worn-out cells are replaced and waste products are eliminated. Not only do human beings and animals require […]

Secular Viewpoints Examined

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth Mirza Tahir Ahmad Part III Secular Viewpoints Examined HE THEORY OF religious development presented by sociologists and their concept of how belief in God developed, is primarily based on their understanding of social psychology. Having observed the general tendency of man in his social behaviour, […]

Ahmadiyya In daily Jang Pakistan

Source: Nasim Malik of Sweden: Report to start Islamic Teachings in the primary schools of Hessen State of Germany is printed in the newspaper. Bit surprising to note that some Ulemas in Germany have become active. Which Ulemas have become active one has to see. Those can read Urdue should […]