Syrian rebels seize swathes of south as Islamic State retreats

 Reuters International MAR 30, 2017 –  FILE PHOTO: Free Syrian Army fighters gesture as Turkish military vehicles drive in the Syrian rebel-held town of al-Rai while heading towards the northern Syrian city of al-Bab, Syria January 9, 2017. To match Analysis MIDEAST-CRISIS/SYRIA-WAR REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi/File Photo(reuters_tickers) By Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN (Reuters) […]

Broken Land

AFP/Getty Images Broken Land Five years after the uprising that led to the downfall of Qaddafi, Libya is a failed state, torn apart by rival militias. ISIS is growing stronger by the day, and poorly armed makeshift militias are all that stand in its way. BuzzFeed News’ Borzou Daragahi reports […]