Abandoning Libya is a mistake

LINDA S. HEARD Published — Wednesday 2 December 2015 The self-assigned capital of Daesh, Raqqa, is being pounded from the air, forcing fighters to send their families across the border to Mosul for safety. For the West, the Paris attacks have been a game changer. Now that Daesh commanders have […]

Grasping the Motives for Terror

November 16, 2015 The Paris terror attacks – particularly the methodical shooting of unarmed civilians – have shocked the world and generated new tough talk from policymakers. But the West cannot ignore how some of its violent policy prescriptions over the past 35 years have contributed to the crisis, writes […]

What drives terrorism?

Sep 30,2015 – JORDAN TIMES   The Iraqi delegation to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that arrived in Geneva Tuesday for the consideration of Iraq’s fourth periodic report on the extent of the country’s adherence to the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights took […]