European Muslims

Are Europe’s Muslims the new Jews?

YAHYA BOSTAN@yahyabostan Published July 2, 2017 Participants carry a banner reading “Muslims and Friends against Terror and Violence” as they take part “The Not With Us” rally against the rising anti-Islam sentiment and extremism in Cologne, Germany, June 17. It is important for European leaders to call it as they see […]

‘Muslim believers say ‘one day this will all be ours’ and call it the Great Replacement’: French Archbishop says higher Muslim birth rate is changing the country

Luc Ravel said Muslims ‘tell you in a very calm way’ that ‘France will be theirs’ Term ‘Great Replacement’ has previously been used by writer Renaud Camus  Ravel said abortion is ‘not only conceded but promoted’ and he ‘cannot accept it’ France’s Muslim population is about 4.71m, according to Pew […]

When Europe Loved Islam

ARGUMENT Before the continent started banning hijab, European aristocrats used to change their names to Abdullah and Muhammad, and going to the local mosque was the latest trend. BY MARYA HANNUN, SOPHIE SPAAN MAY 5, 2016 From the outside, with its high minarets and bulbous Mughal-style dome, the Wilmersdorf mosque, […]