double standards

The unmistakable hypocrisy: Pakistan’s double standard with Ahmadi Muslims

Daily Times: November 23, 2015: New Delhi, India; Ramnath Goenka Express Excellence in Journalism Awards; Aamir Khan in conversation with Anant Goeka, Indian Express. As the outrage over the Indian superstar’s alleged ‘disloyalty’ and ‘ingratitude’ to his motherland, and his ‘intolerable’ audacity to speak up about the “growing intolerance” in […]

Israel uses Gaza to test its Iron Dome

By LINDA HEARD, ARABNEWS People who believe Israel has the right to send its bombs and emissaries anywhere on the planet to carry out extrajudicial assassinations have a warped moral compass. However it’s dressed, murder is murder. It’s bad enough when an individual premeditates to take the life of another […]