Charlie Hebdo

Muslims in the news only when they’re behind the gun The story of the police officer killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack is no longer in the headlines – why?

by Khaled A Beydoun Khaled A Beydoun is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Barry University Dwayne O Andreas School of Law. He is a native of Detroit. French Islamophobia stands to become far more severe and strident, writes Beydoun [Reuters] Ahmed Merabat was the first of the 12 […]

How the Prophet Muhammad Dealt with Insults – Muslims who respond to the likes of “Charlie Hebdo” with violence need to consult the Qu’ran

By Harris Zafar Wednesday’s brazen attack in the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo has left many people the world over shocked, saddened, and even infuriated. As the smoke cleared and we learned that 12 people were killed at the hands of three individuals wearing commando uniforms who brandished automatic weapons […]