ROBERT FISK : Charlie Hebdo: Paris attack brothers’ campaign of terror can be traced back to Algeria in 1954 Algeria is the post-colonial wound that still bleeds in France

Algeria. Long before the identity of the murder suspects was revealed by the French police – even before I heard the names of Cherif and Said Kouachi – I muttered the word “Algeria” to myself. As soon as I heard the names and saw the faces, I said the word […]

Robert Fisk: It took decades for truth to be revealed in Algeria. How long will it take Syria? Algeria’s ‘timid’ historians shy away from revealing the ugly reality about war

Major General Jamaa Jamaa was not a popular man in Beirut. One of Syria’s most senior intelligence officers in Lebanon until the withdrawal of Bashar al-Assad’s troops in 2005, he was headquartered in the run-down Beau Rivage Hotel in west Beirut and also in the Bekaa town of Anjaar, where […]

Swiss played “crucial” role in Evian talks

by Samuel Jaberg, Fifty years ago French and Algerian representatives signed a series of peace accords in the French town of Evian, ending Algeria’s brutal eight-year war of independence. By offering its good offices under a policy of active neutrality, which helped resolve the conflict, historian Marc Perrenoud tells […]