Self-Driving Cars Could Help Save the Environment—Or Ruin It. It Depends on Us

Source: Time By Justin Worland Self-driving vehicles promised to revolutionize the transportation industry. Automated cars could reshape every industry that relies on the automobile, from car manufacturing, to taxis, limousines and trucking. By taking human beings—who aren’t the drivers they think they are—out from behind the wheel, self-driving cars could also […]

Flight 17 Burial Delays Frustrate Families

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—As the bodies of those killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 decompose, some stricken families of those on board look set to suffer more frustration if religious burial rites are passed over. Islam typically has strict requirements for burial of the deceased. Rites include bathing corpses, dressing them in white […]

Wanted: better bridges between science and aid efforts

Imogen Mathers 17 August 2012 | EN Science and new technologies underpin many humanitarian products SunFire Solutions Aid innovators are calling for more interaction with research and development communities, ahead of World Humanitarian Day, reports Imogen Mathers. [LONDON] In the aftermath of the devastating bomb attack on the UN’s Baghdad […]

Louis XIV railway carriages take to Paris-Versailles line

Rfi: Possibly the most glamorous local railway carriages in the world started operating on Wednesday between Paris and Versailles. They may look like any old beat-up railway train on the outside but inside they are decorated with reproductions of interiors from the royal Palace of Versailles. More:

A Quixotic Quest to Mine Asteroids

Source: Wall Street Journal – By AMIR EFRATI A new company backed by two Google Inc. GOOG +0.07% billionaires, film directorJames Cameron and other space exploration proponents is aiming high in the hunt for natural resources—with mining asteroids the possible target. The venture, called Planetary Resources Inc., revealed little in a press release this week except to […]