Prayer Alone Is Not Enough

Huff Post: by Michael Stark — Action is not separated from prayer. If we pray without action, we aren’t really praying. Another day has brought forth further tragedy at the hands of mass shooters, this time in California. We’ve sadly grown accustomed to mass shootings in America. Our response, while […]

Losing My Religion

Huff Post: by Karl Wilder — When I was a little boy, I was taught to love Jesus. Jesus would save me from sin and guarantee my place in heaven. Early on my mother’s husband “Bob” gave me a picture of Jesus with a wooden frame. At the time I […]

Supreme Court blesses prayer at town meetings

msnbc: by Adam Serwer — The “moment of silence” that Greece used to begin its town meetings with until 1999 would seem like the fairest compromise, and the one least offensive to the Constitution’s prohibition on government religious favoritism. With a moment of silence, every believer can pray according to […]

Indonesian Ahmadis defy prayer ban call by Katharina R. Lestari — Muslim council demands sect adheres to mainstream teachings Followers of a minority Muslim sect in Indonesia are continuing daily prayers in their West Java mosque despite a call for a ban from the district’s Indonesian Ulema Council. Syaiful Uyun, an Ahmadiya cleric at the […]


Source: F Rana via (From Bashir Ahmad Orchard) O God, in me Thy holy love impart! Enlighten, comfort and purify my heart; Watch o’er my conduct and help me to do Only those things which are pleasing to you. May I be a heavenly reflection, Cleansed from all satanic […]