Muslim Leaders

US: First Somali-American Voted In

Ilham Omar, who escaped Somalia and spent years in a Kenyan refugee camp, thanked her grandfather who taught her the importance of democracy.   Thu, November 10, 201   Making U.S. election history, a Somali-American was elected to public office as a Democratic state legislator in Minnesota. Ilhan Omar, […]

UK: World Leaders Converge At Ahmadiyya’s Annual Convention; Discuss Peace, Unity and Harmony

Source: World Leaders Converge At Ahmadiyya’s UK Jalsa; Discuss Peace, Unity By Jumu’ah Abiodun, Gressehall Road, London World leaders across the globe converged at the 50th Jalsa Salana (annual gathering) in United Kingdom (UK) as they discuss peace and unity among others issues. The gathering which took place at Oakland […]

Delivering on the Promises of Paris: Why the World’s Muslims Are Demanding Climate Action Now

Source: Huffington Post By Naser Haghamed CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide, an independent humanitarian and development organisation with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. The global Muslim community – made up of around 1.6 billion followers from world leaders to academics, from teachers and healthcare workers to business people and […]