Law and Religion

‘He was killed because of his faith,’ sister of slain doctor says at Muslim sect’s peace conference in Harrisburg by Julianne Mattera — Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA’s 66th annual weekend peace convention, the Jalsa Salana, continues at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg on Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014. A poster board tells the story of Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar, an American cardiologist who was shot dead in Pakistan […]

The minority Pakistani by Faisal Bari — Ahmadis have been hounded out of jobs; they have been booked for ‘preaching’ their religion; they have been asked to remove Quranic verses from their places of worship; some have been denied burial space in graveyards. A fellow citizen and a friend, a Christian by […]

Unbearable heaviness of being

The Express Tribune: by Ayesha Siddiqa — As the state celebrates its 67th birthday, there is an absence of a natural sense of exaltation. The sense of weariness is not due to incessant roadblocks, temporary fuel shortage and uncertainty about how the government-opposition conflict will unfold. It is also not because people […]

Being Ahmadi

The sufferings of the Ahmadis are not confined to killings and destruction of their property. Whole generations of their young men and women have been forced to stay imprisoned within their mental recesses. Forty years ago Zulfikar Ali Bhutto claimed credit for solving the 90-year-old problem relating to the status […]

Muslim community should not feel targeted by Government’s counterterrorism laws, academic says

The Muslim community in Australia should not feel targeted by the Federal Government’s proposed expansion of anti-terrorism laws, a Muslim academic says. The Government is proposing a broadening of the counter-terrorism regime that would include making it an offence to visit certain areas dominated by terrorists, without justification. READ MORE…