Pashtun clue to lost tribes of Israel in Afghanistan

Source / Credit Guardian UK Israel is to fund a rare genetic study to determine whether there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. Historical and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests a connection, but definitive scientific proof has never been found. Some leading […]

Being Jewish in Indonesia

Being a minority of about 10 in a predominantly Muslim country of almost 250 million people is truly being a minority. My National Identity Card lists me as a Christian, since every citizen is required to profess one of six prescribed religions by law – none of which is Judaism. […]

The Matara Therapeutic Boarding School

A program that offers the warmth and wisdom of Jewish tradition together with the cutting edge of psychological and educational technology at the particular location on this planet that connects all Jews throughout all generations. When a teenager is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues like defiance, depression, or drug […]

How the bible was created

A computer program developed by an Israeli expert has given new hints as to the creation of the old and the new testament and their authors. The software analyses stile and choice of words in order to differentiate the various authors of the texts. This means that it is made […]

Ancient priesthood uses past to predict future

By Majeda El Batsh, Agence France-Presse NABLUS, Palestinian Territories – In the northern West Bank city of Nablus, a small and ancient Samaritan community is managing to make ends meet by dabbling in the age-old practice of fortune-telling. University Avenue, in the hill-ringed city of Nablus, is lined with white […]

Israeli Justice Minister on Conversion Policy

Assimilation of Diaspora Jews fulfills Hitler’s vision Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman compares ‘horrific’ overseas assimilation to Hitler’s plans in panel on conversion policy at President’s Conference in Jerusalem. Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman said on Thursday that assimilation into non-Jewish society overseas is threatening to do for Judaism what Adolf Hitler […]