Egypt to open Gaza border crossing on a permanent basis

Egypt has announced that it will open its border crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis, thereby reversing Egypt’s collusion with Israel’s blockade regime. The interim Foreign Minister, Nabil al-Arabi, has described support for the blockade by the previous Egyptian regime as “disgraceful”. While Israeli officials have responded to this […]

Arab democracy protests could threaten Israel

by Eveline Kobler in Tunis, The Swiss ambassador to Israel says the democratisation process sweeping through the Arab world could pose a threat to Israeli security. Walter Haffner also tells that the agreement aimed at uniting the main Palestinian factions is a positive development. The interview was conducted […]

Editorial: Failing mission

The good news is sympathy for the Israeli point of view in Europe is steadily eroding During his visits to London and Paris, Benjamin Netanyahu did what he could to persuade Britain and France to oppose UN recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state. His mission was also to try […]

Murder for a fistful of votes?

Haaretz Israel: U.S. President Barack Obama ignored all the ethical criteria, and murdered bin Laden in order to achieve success at any price in advance of the elections. Even someone who prefers Obama to his opponents has good reason to fear the cynicism that Obama demonstrated in the bin Laden […]

Cautiously optimistic

The signing of a reconciliation accord in Cairo between Fateh and Hamas promises the start of a new era in the inter-Palestinian relations. One, nevertheless, expresses optimism timidly; this is not the first time Fateh, the mainstream faction in the West Bank, and Hamas, the ruling faction in Gaza, have […]