The past few months have seen a particularly high-profile series of murders in Pakistan. An American cardiologist volunteering at a hospital in Pakistan was shot dead because he belonged to the minority Ahmadi community. A lawyer and human rights activist was killed after he took up the case of a lecturer accused of blasphemy. […]

‘I didn’t mean to insult Muslim community’: Northern Ireland’s Peter Robinson claims Islam comments ‘were misinterpreted’

Peter Robinson insists remarks in support of pastor who compared Muslims to the IRA were “hyped up” and “given a meaning that was never intended” Northern Ireland’s first minister, Peter Robinson, has said he did not “want to insult” the Muslim community after he defended a pastor who branded Islam […]

Values of tolerance

The Nation: by Ahmad Zia Tulla – The social system of an Islamic state offers protection to non Muslims. They have been termed as Dhimis ‘protected people’. They are so-called as soon as they submit to Islamic rule; it becomes the duty of the Islamic State to protect their life, […]

64 percent of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan support the death penalty for leaving Islam

Washington Post: by Max Fisher. The Pew Research Center’s vast new study on the views and attitudes of global Muslim populations was bound to create controversy. Like the U.S. public knowledge polls that find that one-third of Americans can’t name the vice president, Pew’s report includes some less-than-flattering pieces of data. And while […]

Can Interfaith Dialogue Cure Religious Violence?

religiondispatches: In the wake of the Boston Bombings, Eboo Patel, public intellectual and director of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), has proposed, in a recent article on HuffPo, that this explosive violence resulted partly from a failure of interfaith dialogue. With the caveat that “interfaith programs are not a miracle solution,” he […]