Human Rights

Human Rights Committee Chair Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview of Sir Iftikhar Ahmad Ayaz, Chairman Int. Human Rights Committee, UK by Saiful Islam, Toronto ———————————————————— Background and nature of work[edit] Based at Tuvalu House, London, England, Dr. Ayaz is the Hon. Consul of the Commonwealth realm of Tuvalu in London. Dr. Ayaz has not been Tuvalu‘s only consular representative in Europe in recent times, since Tuvalu has maintained a consulate […]

Ahmadiyya Presents in Croatian National Book Fair (Interliber) Islam and Human Rights book written  by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.

By Zubair K Khan On 11th November at 13.00 hours started the presentation of the book titled, Islam and Human Rights, written by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Sahib, former President of the United Nations  General Assembly and of International Court of Justice. A Croatian Ahmadi Muslim Mr Sead Mulabegovic who studied law […]