Human Rights

I will not apologize!

Nov 22, 2015 Khaled Almaeena Khaled Almaeena The Paris attacks that killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others are still capturing headlines. They also occupy the top spot in social media the world over. The attack came days after suicide bombers blew up about 40 people in a Beirut […]

Ahmadis referenced in Reclaiming Pakistan by Jibran Nasir: Muslim News, San Franciso

Jibran Nasir on Reclaiming Pakistan references killing of Ahmadis A TALK4PAK EVENT at Fremont Mehran Restaurant By Dr. H. Koya, San Francisco Bay Area. (Also see attached word doc) FREMONT (Mehran Restaurant) More 200 people attended a hurriedly organized lunch by TALK4PAK group here today featuring visiting public speaker […]

Who is killing the good ones?

Dawn: RECENTLY, civil society activists gathered in several towns to shed their tears for their brutally cut down heroes — Perween Rahman, Rashid Rehman and Sabeen Mahmud prominent among them. Was their wail heard in the halls of power? For years and years, the people of Pakistan have been treated […]