The Saracens of St. Tropez

nder cover of darkness, they beached their small, lateen-rigged sailing vessel on the rocky shore and began the slow, silent climb to the manor house on the hill. Storm clouds shrouded the moon, darkening the coastal Mediterranean landscape; sporadic rain and gusting winds concealed the sailors’ approach. They were 20 […]

France: Arab history: Fraxinet

Fraxinet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The “plateau of Moors” near Fraxinet Fraxinet or Fraxinetum (Arabic: فرخشنيط Farakhshanīt‎‎ or فرخسة Farakhsha, from Latin fraxinus: “ash tree“, fraxinetum: “ash forest”) was the site of a 10th-century fortress established by Muslims at modern La Garde-Freinet, near Saint-Tropez, in Provence. The modernMassif des […]

Transgender Dignity in Islam

Source: Huffington Post Liaquat Ali Khan Founder, Legal Scholar Academy and Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law The 18th century British colonists, the self-righteous Anglican males of the self-assessed superior civilization, upon arrival in the Mughul-Muslim India, wererepulsed by the sight of Hijras (transgenders) and baffled over why […]

The Syrians had no chance…

Meeting an injured soldier in the Syrian army before a heavy night of shelling Robert Fisk @indyvoices Thursday 19 May 2016 Lebanon, 21 July 1989 Private Yahia Saloum of the Syrian army sat on the stairs of my apartment block, his head in his hands, a large bandage strapped to his […]