Egypt to open Rafah crossing permanently

By MARK LAVIE | AP CAIRO: Egypt’s decision Wednesday to end its blockade of Gaza by opening the only crossing to the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory this weekend could ease the isolation of 1.4 million Palestinians there. It also puts the new Egyptian regime at odds with Israel, which insists on […]

Jordan committed to better ties with Egypt

MMAN (JT) – His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday held talks with Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of Egypt’s ruling military council, in Cairo on means to boost bilateral cooperation, the latest regional developments and other issues of mutual concern. During the talks between the two sides, which were […]

Mubarak to be charged for corruption, protester deaths

(CNN) — Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons will face trial before a criminal court for the killings of protesters and the waste of public money, the Egyptian general prosecutor’s office announced Tuesday. Mubarak, who was forced from office in February, is being charged with consenting to a plan to […]

$4 billion Saudi aid for Egypt

By ARAB NEWS RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has pledged $4 billion in aid to Egypt, the chief of Egypt’s ruling military council said Saturday. The aid will be in the form of soft loans, deposits and grants, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the council, was quoted by Egypt’s MENA […]

Obama announces ‘new chapter in American diplomacy

Washington (CNN) — The United States will support efforts for reform across the Middle East and North Africa, including “transitions toward democracy,” President Barack Obama said Thursday. In a speech at the U.S. State Department laying out his policies toward the region, the president said he is marking “a new […]

Arab League Ignores Syrian Turmoil

( – Two months after the Arab League won praise for its unprecedented call for international intervention in Libya, the bloc of 22 Arab states is reverting to its customary role of closing ranks, this time around the Assad regime in Syria. At a time of historic change and challenge […]