Double Standard

National Security Policy, PPO against shariah: Council of Islamic Ideology

Daily Times: ISLAMABAD: Islamic Ideology Council’s (IIC) Chairman Maulana Muhammad Sheerani on Wednesday provisionally termed the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) and National Security Policy against the shariah, media reports said.The final edict will be announced after consulting the legal, defence and political experts. Maulana Sheerani also said that women cannot […]

The land that loots Edhi sahib

ET: They asked him whether it had ever happened before. “Meray saath kabhi waqeya nahin hua aisa. Mujhay daaka maartay huay chhor diya tha,” Abdul Sattar Edhi said. “Aisay waqiay huay hain, lekin daaka nahin maara.” A stupid question. How could it have happened before? After all, this is Edhi […]

We’re Doing Bigotry Wrong

Fake apologies ask us to pretend that prejudices are shed as easily as coats Recently, Charlotte Lucas – co-founder of Lucas Oil, the corporate namesake of the Indianapolis Colts’ football stadium — took to her Facebook account to comment on unchecked minority rule in America. “I’m sick and tired of minorities […]

The first rule of terrorism, according to Fox News: White people can’t be terrorists The real terror threat Fox News conveniently ignores Fox News is increasingly fixating on the gruesome workplace beheading last week in Moore, Oklahoma by a recent Muslim convert, suspect Alton Nolen. Perhaps sensing a way to once again fan its patented flames of Islamophobia while simultaneously blaming President Obama for being indifferent to the threat of terrorism, […]