Bosnian Journalist: To wear a burka, niqab or any other religious sign on your head is the same as wearing a strap-on in public.”

After writing her objections to Islamic headgear for women, the Bosnian woman journalist has been threatened with rape and death. A Bosnian woman journalist who criticized Islamic headscarves, veils and burqas in graphic language has been forced into hiding due to threats of rape and death, reported the UK’s Express. In an […]

Bosnia becomes home to radical Islamists

Source. Bosnia has reportedly become a hub for radical Islamists. They recruit fighters, promote jihad and preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam — just across the border from the European Union, according to a report published by Germany’s Spiegel online. As many as 300 Islamist radicals have left Bosnia-Herzegovina […]

After the atrocities committed against Muslims in Bosnia, it is no wonder today’s jihadis have set out on the path to war in Syria While the US State Department told us in Bosnia that ‘fundamentalism’ – the horror word of the time – might take root in Bosnia, no one spoke of ‘radicalisation’

by Robert Fisk, The Independent In 1993, walking across the Qasr el-Nil bridge in Cairo, I was stopped by a young man. Was I a reporter, he asked? Had I […]