Way To Go: Mali

By Bunmi Ajiboye June 17, 2011 The Republic of Mali is one of the countries in West Africa which offers sublime tourist destinations. This once French-colonised country is bordered by Algeria, Niger, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mauritania. The capital city is Bamako and the country gained independence […]

Mediterranean route favoured by migrants

Migrants and the criminal organisations that exploit them have turned their attention to the Central Mediterranean route after the deployment of EU personnel to the Greek-Turkish border has rendered that path into Europe more secure, according to a senior official of the EU’s boarder agency. Gil Arias Fernandes, the deputy […]

Mauritius’s Economic Growth Gaining Momentum

Mauritius’s Economic Growth Gaining Momentum   Mauritius’s economy will probably expand more than forecast this year as growth in tourism and exports gains momentum, central bank Governor Rundheersing Bheenick said, adding to pressure for higher interest rates. “We have reason to believe that the country’s economic growth will be above […]

More work for NGOs despite Arab spring clean

by Abdelhafidh Abdeleli, Swiss non-governmental organisations working in North Africa and the Middle East welcome changes underway in the region, but warn that not all problems will be solved. The NGOs say that while more democracy is on the cards, constitutional changes and more social justice are needed to […]

Amman hospitals treat wounded Libyans

AMMAN – Lying in a hospital bed flanked by two compatriots who were injured during the ongoing violence in Libya, Hani Mustafa said he hopes his injury will improve after receiving treatment in Jordan. “I had shrapnel and bullets in my leg. I received primary treatment in Libya, but still […]

Making Sense of Libya

The character of the Libyan crisis today arises from the complex but so far evidently indecisive impact of the UN-authorised military intervention, now formally led by NATO, in what had already become a civil war. NATO’s intervention saved the anti-Qaddafi side from immediate defeat but has not yet resolved the […]

Morocco’s uprisings and all the king’s men

Defiant demonstrators seeking democracy send a clear message against state repression and police violence. Thousands poured into the streets of Rabat on Sunday June 5 to condemn the death of a protester and to demand an end to the country-wide government crackdown on peaceful demonstrations. “We are here today to […]

Prisoners of past

It is too late for peace initiatives of the type South Africa’s Zuma is working for Libya Writing on the wall is unmistakable for the rogue regimes in the Middle East. Their time is up. The unprecedented attack on the presidential palace in Yemen on Friday, which injured President Ali […]