Libya: Time for NATO to disengage

Pravda, Russia. Information from the ground in Libya is very clear. Here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: no conjecture, no myths and no propaganda. The fresh news, crystalline pure. No hype, no lies. Ladies and gentlemen, the corporate media have been lying about Libya. […]

Murder splits Qaddafi foes

By RAMI AL-SHAHEIBI |ARAB NEWS BENGHAZI, Libya: An opposition special forces member accused fellow anti-government fighters on Friday of killing the movement’s military chief, pointing to a potentially major split in the ranks of the opposition battling Muammar Qaddafi. An angry Mohammed Agoury told The Associated Press that he was […]

OIC calls on Somali sides to stop fighting

By AGENCIES, Arab News ISTANBUL: Member states of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) gathered in Istanbul Thursday to coordinate an emergency response to the devastating drought in Somalia. “In such a large-scale disaster, we need to join hands together and to act collectively so as to counter the […]

‘Africa can feed the world’

The president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development claims that, by focusing on farming, Africa has the potential to feed not only itself but the rest of the world.frequent drought. Africa can feed not just itself but the world is a bold assertion to make at a time when […]

Famine and abundance rub shoulders in Ethiopia

by Philipp Hedemann in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Infosud/ While millions of people in the Horn of Africa suffer a terrible drought, foreign investors are harvesting tonnes of cereals to be exported to Asia and the Gulf states. reports from western Ethiopia on farmland leased by an Indian entrepreneur, where […]

Where are the men of Dadaab?

Residents of the world’s largest refugee camp are mainly women and children, raising questions about the fate of men. Azad Essa Al Jazeera The wind hollers, whipping up dust that scratches at our faces. As I fumble with my notebook, a thorny branch of the drought-resistant Mathenge tree hits me […]

Qaddafi government holds talks with US officials

By ASSOCIATED PRESS – Arab News TRIPOLI, Libya: Representatives of Muammar Qaddafi’s embattled government held face-to-face talks with US officials in neighboring Tunisia over the weekend, a Libyan government official said Monday, describing the meeting as a first step in opening dialogue. A US State Department official confirmed the meeting […]

Human trafficking , Mauritius a source country  Human trafficking : Mauritius a source country        Clinton said that “the ease of transportation and the global communications that can reach deep into villages with promises and pictures of what a better life might be, we now see that more human beings are exploited than before. There […]

Europe cash cocoa: Market down on Ghana sale Europe cash cocoa: Market down on Ghana sale AMSTERDAM, July 15 (Reuters) – Price differentials in Europe’s cash cocoa market eased this week as the world’s second-largest producer Ghana stepped up sales, traders said. Ghana differentials were at about 115 pounds ($185.8) over London nearby cocoa futures contracts LCCc1, […]