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Zia H Shah

He is a physician practicing in Upstate New York. He is the Chief Editor of the Muslim Times, which has more than 43,000 followers in Twitter. He is also Chair of Religion and Science for the Muslim Sunrise, the oldest Muslim publication in North America. He has authored more than 400 articles on Islam, Christianity, Secularism and Religion & Science. Follow in Twitter: @The_MuslimTimes

There is more to the West

TO the present-day Muslim masses, the West mainly signifies indecency, materialism and an insatiable hunger for global political dominance. This perception is largely based on prejudices caused by a lack of adequate and credible information regarding different western societies. It is true that certain western moral norms are unlike ours; […]

The Islamic Atlantis, or: Europe’s forgotten origins Direct link | larger screen option Use this special contents page to navigate through 100 minutes of fascinating history. The Islamic roots of Modern civilisation and the construction of European identity In this BBC documentary, English historian Bettany Hughes examines the Muslim contribution to the formation of modern Europe. She also […]

Muslim hearings recall my life in internment camp

Editor’s note: Rep. Michael Honda, D-California, is senior Democratic whip and a member of House Budget and Appropriations Committees. (CNN) — Who would have thought that my early childhood experience in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II would offer such useful insight, 65 years later, in determining the […]

Way To Go: Mali

By Bunmi Ajiboye June 17, 2011 The Republic of Mali is one of the countries in West Africa which offers sublime tourist destinations. This once French-colonised country is bordered by Algeria, Niger, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mauritania. The capital city is Bamako and the country gained independence […]

What a Parentage?

According to media Reports Pakistan President Zardari has consented to use his name as the father’s name in official documentation for many children of unknown parentage. The move is an attempt to legalise the status of a large number of children who were born legally but whose parentage is unknown, […]

Deportation monitors to watch but not tell

by Dale Bechtel, The authorities have placed strict conditions on an agreement governing the independent monitoring of forced deportations of rejected asylum seekers. Monitors deployed by the Federation of Protestant Churches in a six-month trial period starting in July will not be allowed to go public with their reports. […]

Haramain Railway to cost SR42 bn

By P.K. ABDUL GHAFOUR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: The Haramain Railway, which will link the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah with Jeddah, will cost about SR42 billion, according to a report circulated by the Saudi Railway Organization (SRO). The high-speed rail project will bring about dramatic improvement in transportation of pilgrims between the two […]

Editorial: Fighting phantoms

Every time the US intervenes in a Muslim country, it ends up helping the extremists As if the mind-numbing mess created by the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wasn’t enough, it had to turn its attention to Yemen. Yemen is in the midst of an unprecedented popular revolt […]