Be Kind to Others. Tolerate

An article in response to anti Ahmadiyya Muslim Community activities in Indonesia.


Be Kind to Others: Tolerate

M. Zabarqon

Number : 3120060

Role is a human need. Because, without a role, humans cannot carry out life activities. Role is a dynamic aspect of position or status.

When performing the rights and obligations according to the position, he or they carry out roles in a person's position and role there is a link that cannot be broken.

Tolerance is an attitude to respect each other, respect, let other people's opinions, views, give trust to others to give opinions. What is meant by tolerance is that we must respect, respect the opinions of others. Although the opinion is not the same as our opinion.

Tolerance has several types and figures of tolerance in Indonesia. Types of tolerance include: Social Tolerance, Racial Tolerance, Sexual Contact Tolerance, Religious Tolerance, and so on. As for tolerance figures such as Gus Dur, and others.

Gusdur's words before he died were that you are a person who has good tolerance for fellow human beings even though you have different opinions and even different religions, then one day you will be the person who will be with me later. (Abdurrahman Wahid)

The role of tolerance is very much needed. This is because with tolerance, we are able to realize an attitude of respect for fellow human beings, both religions and different religions, one another. For example, a student must also cultivate a spirit of tolerance from now on. In order to be able to understand and accept if there are differences of opinion between students and lecturers.

Many now do not or have less tolerance, which for example are as follows: Insulting different ethnic groups, or religions, being arrogant. Thinking of himself as the best and most righteous and considers other people bad. Do not want to work together in doing something, such as mutual cooperation which is carried out in the school environment or in the community.

Therefore, we need to instill tolerance or respect from an early age. Besides respecting the opinions of others, they also respect all other differences.

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Creator: Muhammad Zabar

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