One-third of Canadians don’t want politicians to wear religious symbols: poll

Source: CTV

While most Canadians firmly back the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and strongly support the idea of diversity, a new poll suggests a third of Canadians would ban their elected officials from wearing religious symbols.

A majority of Quebecers canvassed in the survey agreed that federal, provincial and local politicians shouldn’t be allowed to wear hijabs, crucifixes or turbans on the job.

Nationally, 49 per cent of respondents said they would not favour such a ban, but 37 per cent said they would support it.

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  1. Should politicians were school kids uniforms? Look all the same? If a Jewish person wanted to get elected showing that he was a Jew why should he not continue to wear his kippa? Same with a Sikh, or a Muslim. Or a Catholic priest.

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