Christ was the first exorcist’: priest reports rising demand for the ritual

Source: The Guardian

BY  in Rome

Mexican priest who is teaching the ancient rite in Rome says it still has a place in the modern Catholic church

Father Cesar Truqui
 Father Cesar Truqui. Photograph: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Father Cesar Truqui has never seen a person levitate, but he knows another priest who has.

In his decade working as a Roman Catholic exorcist, expelling demons from individuals who he believes are possessed or vexed by the devil, the Mexican priest says the oddest thing he witnessed was the sudden appearance of a “satanic nail” on a tabletop.

“There had been nothing on the table and then suddenly it was there, a rusted black nail. We all saw it. I wanted to keep it but then I thought, no, it’s like keeping a radioactive thing,” he said.

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