Syrians, an old solution to water shortages — the hammam

By AFP – Jan 09,2017 -JORDAN TIMES


Syrian men visit Al Malik Al Zahir Hammam in the capital Damascus on January 7 as an ongoing water crisis continues due to the fighting between government forces and rebel fighters (AFP photo)


DAMASCUS — Anwar Al Ades has not bathed properly in two weeks because of water shortages in Syria’s capital Damascus, but all that is about to change at the city’s oldest bathhouse.

The elegant Al Malik Al Zahir hammam dates back to 985 AD but is experiencing unprecedented demand since fighting cut water supplies to the capital, leaving millions facing shortages.

“I haven’t bathed since the water to Damascus was cut off,” 34-year-old Ades told AFP as he changed into a towel.

“Since then, the priority for the water we do get has been washing up and drinking. Bathing has become a secondary thing, particularly since it’s winter.”

 Most of capital’s water supply comes from the rebel-held Wadi Barada region, some 15 kilometres northwest of Damascus.


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