Source: Pakistan Observer.

It wasn’t one of those pleasant visits as I went to the 9/11 memorial and museum in New York Last week: At the place where the Twin Towers stood, there were now two water fountains and as I heard the sound of water flowing it reminded me of a million people weeping: Crying for innocent lives lost, so brutally and with such precise finality.

Men, women and children whose only crime was living in America. Just before entering I saw a man sitting on the ground outside leaning against a tree weeping: no doubt for a loved one who must have been part of the three thousand dying in the crashing of the towers. His tears flowed steadily, it was thirteen years ago, that the two planes had pummeled themselves into the sides of the buildings and brought a dismal, deathly pall not just on New York but the rest of the world.

As I went into the museum and heard voices, recorded when the towers were crashing, looked with horror at pictures of death and destruction, of men and women jumping from the top floors, being smashed to the ground, I wondered what was in the hearts of terrorists that made them do such dastardly deeds. Didn’t they have family? Children who would wait for ever for a dad who would never return or a mother who would never light up their homes?


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