Islamabad replaces Manila at top of list of world’s worst airports

Guardian: After three years atop a list of the world’s worst airports, Manila’s Ninoy Aquino international airport (NAIA) is now only the fourth worst, behind Islamabad, Jeddah and Kathmandu, thanks to a “slight improvement” in services.

Manila earned some positive points due to terminal renovations and reduced congestion, according to a survey by the online Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Yet reviewers still cited “overcrowding, lengthy queues, limited seating, unfriendly immigration/customs officers and smelly toilets” as reasons to avoid the place, the website said.

Variously described as “a shame”, “the worst” and little more than “a big shed”, NAIA also gained the moniker of “Asia’s largest public sauna” after its air-conditioning system broke down this year and stayed broken down for months.

“I hate every aspect of this airport,” wrote one reviewer. “After you’re done with the hellish airport, your next hell will be the taxis – they will charge you triple [the metered rate].”

There are more complaints about NAIA on Skytrax, an air travel review website. “The place [is] on the point of collapse with the flight information system not working, the drop-off area like a war zone, chaotic queues, laughably confusing, inaccurate or non-existent signage, immigration staff who [do] not have a clue how to process foreigners with resident status, and disgusting airport lounge facilities,” wrote one traveller of Terminal 1, which is currently undergoing a £16m refurbishment.


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