SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – Former Fiji Military ruler Fran Bainimarama swept to victory and in the Septeber 2014 general elections with over 65% people voting for his party Fiji First Party.

Here in San Francisco Monday September 29 more than 300 Fiji Americans of gave Mr. Bainimarama a rousing welcome when he stopped by on his way back home after his UNO address in New York.

Fiji Sun TV News Editor, Dr. H. Koya with the Fiji Prime Minister,

Fiji Sun TV News Editor, Dr. H. Koya with the Fiji Prime Minister,

(Fiji Sun TV Captured highlights of the events>

Fighting both a backlash at home and boycott from the neighboring giants Australia and New Zealand and international pressure to return tiny Pacific island nation back to democracy after he toppled a racist Qarase Government 14 years ago, Mr. Bainimarama produced a new and balanced Constitution removing the controversial Great Council of Chief, reducing the size of the government to a one house parliament and for the imposing one man one vote in place of cross-voting system imposed by the departing British rukers.

During his rule Bainimarama gave Fiji GDP growth from 2 to 4 per cent, a significant improvement in housing and jobs and a $1 Billion in reserves unprecedented in Fiji’s history.

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