Day: May 12, 2014


Malaysia Today: by Raja Petra Kamaruddin — THE CORRIDORS OF POWER What we are seeing is not Islam. What we are seeing is Islamism. Islamism is not a religion like Islam. Islamism is political Islam. And Islamism is opposed to secularism, democracy, and all those other western ideals that are […]

Narendra Modi and Pakistan By: Tridivesh Singh Maini and Yasser Latif Hamdani With the BJP-led NDA Coalition being the frontrunner in the Indian Parliamentary elections, according to all surveys and opinion polls, all eyes are on Narendra Modi, the BJP’s PM Candidate and Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi, who means different things to different people, […]

The Radical History of Mother’s Day This week, the world’s eyes turned toward Nigeria. While the news that hundreds of young woman had been kidnapped from their schools by the terrorist group Boko Haram was slow to gain our attention, over the last ten days, that changed. Everybody from world leaders to Kardashians have joined the social media outcry. […]