Day: December 12, 2012

Bangladesh at 41

Source: Financial Express Mamun Rashid The gentleman is my childhood buddy. After the college, he went to East Europe for higher studies, then to Canada; got married to a Central American lady and he is now settled in New Zealand. In the past, whenever he visited Dhaka, he used to […]

Professionals downplay Israel’s ranking in int’l math tests

Ynetnews; Israeli education professionals say dramatic bump in achievements of Israeli school kids in international tests may stem form exclusion of haredi, special education pupils After international studies’ findings point to an impressive rise in Israeli schoolchildren’s achievements in math, science, and language skills, responses among education professionals vary. Though […]

Iran debates talking with the US

Source: Asia Times: By Farideh Farhi HAWAII – As the Iranian leadership prepares to engage in negotiations with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) over the fate of its nuclear program, the conversation inside Iran has moved beyond the nuclear issue, and now includes […]

Picking up a $170 billion tab

Source: Asia Times: By David Vine “Are you monitoring the construction?” asked the middle-aged man on a bike accompanied by his dog. “Ah, si,” I replied in my barely passable Italian. “Bene,” he answered. Good. In front of us, a backhoe’s guttural engine whined into action and empty dump trucks […]

NATO aims for a Nobel war prize

Source: Asia Times: By Pepe Escobar The European Union (EU), this Monday in Oslo, received the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights. How exciting. Look at the cast selected to receive the award; the spectacularly useless Herman van Rompuy (president of the European Council); the […]