Month: September 2012

American Problems Not Made In China

Huff Post: by Peter S. Goodman. Inevitably and regrettably, China has landed in the middle of the American presidential campaign. Both candidates are now laying claim to credentials as the ultimate guardian against the supposed job-killing, prosperity-destroying juggernaut across the Pacific. This is inevitable because China’s rise and its implications for global […]

Iran’s president condemns anti-Islam film, the violence it sparked Watch the full interview Monday at 9 p.m. ET on “Piers Morgan Tonight” New York (CNN) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad slammed Sunday an anti-Islam film and the violent and deadly protests it triggered in the Muslim world. Ahmadinejad spoke to CNN’s Piers Morgan in New York, ahead of […]

Pride of the Creation

The Muslim Outlook by Shahid Pervaiz September 22, 2012 How complex the universe looks, when we start thinking about it. Near infinity being the expanse of it and millions of Light-Year distances between various cosmic embodiments; and still continues to expand in all directions at a speed of 186,000 Miles […]