Day: August 18, 2012

How your windows could be the future of electricity: Scientists create transparent solar panels out of ‘glass-like’ plastic

Source: Dailymail One of the occasional complaints around solar panels is that they are ‘an eyesore’. Well this may be about to change, after researchers developed a new transparent solar cell which means windows in homes and other buildings can have the ability to generate electricity while still allowing people […]

Manipur Muslim Online Forum (MMOF) appeals to all Northeasterners to maintain peace and Communal harmony.

Source: Manipur Muslim Online Forum (MMOF) appeals to all Northeasterners, in general, and Manipuris, in particular, to maintain peace and communal harmony. Some vested interests have been mongering rumour of attacks on migrant workers and students from Northeast in South India, especially Karnataka. We have strong faith in universal […]