Day: March 17, 2012

Polish Nuclear Dreams Threaten Ties with Germany

Source: Spiegel-Germany By Jan Puhl Witold Krassowski/ DER SPIEGEL Determined to develop its nuclear industry to meet its booming energy needs, Poland is tired of lectures from its environmentally conscious neighbor Germany. After all, Poles argue, the Germans have benefitted from nuclear power for decades. The differing energy philosophies threaten to strain […]

Iran’s legal right to attack Israel

Source: Asiatimes on line: By Kaveh L Afrasiabi PALO ALTO, California – After years of living in the shadow of an Israeli military strike, Iran is now openly contemplating the idea of pre-emptive strike, in light of Israel’s preparedness for imminent attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Citing a right to […]

In one day, Obama is $5 million man

Credit:  TOI on Line ATLANTA, GEORGIA: US President Barack Obama, juggling dual roles as fundraiser extraordinaire and commander-in-chief, piled up a cool five million dollars in a lucrative single-day campaign blitz. In no other country is a leader expected to tend to a deteriorating war he is leading in Afghanistan […]

Over 170,000 Indians coming for Haj

By JEDDAH: SYED FAISAL ALI ARABNEWS More than 170,000 Indian pilgrims will perform Haj this year, according to Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahamed. Ahamed, who met Haj Minister Bandar Al-Hajjar here yesterday, said that he has requested the Haj minister to grant an additional quota of 10,000. […]

33,000 Hajis to come from Iraq this year

By ARAB NEWS MAKKAH: About 33,000 pilgrims from Iraq will perform Haj this year, local daily Al-Madinah reported yesterday quoting the adviser to the president of the Iraqi Supreme Haj Authority. Hussein Jumaa said the authority would train the Iraqi pilgrims on the best and correct methods of performing the […]