Day: February 15, 2012

Researchers crack online encryption system

Source:   An online encryption method widely used to protect banking, email, e-commerce and other sensitive Internet transactions is not as secure as assumed, according to a report issued by a team of U.S and European cryptanalysts. The researchers reviewed millions of public keys used by websites to encrypt online transactions, […]

Is this a joke?

Express Tribune: Ejaz Haider: First we had Lucky Irani Circus; now we have Difa-e Pakistan Council. Except that Lucky Irani Circus was genuine while this DPC, well, you get my drift. Look at the cast of characters. Apparently, there are 40 parties, from the right to the far right, reminding one of […]

Israel’s other reasons to bomb Iran

By OSAMA AL SHARIF US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta predicts that Israel will direct a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities “in April, May or June,” according to David Ignatius, the widely-circulated Washington Post columnist. In the view of many Western analysts, Israel has taken the decision to bomb Iran […]